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To The Humble & Forgiving

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To The Humble & Forgiving ~Paula Deen need some of Y’All!

Poor Miss Deen is suffering losses for using the dreaded and degrading N word = The NowNew euphemism for an almost past offensive improper noun: “nigger”.      The word is inherent within Deen’s ante bellum heritage.

Her proud great grandfather enslaved Humans; whoops, correction, he had “workers” who were “like family”, Master enslaver most certain enforced, did whip his workers into humble submission.  

Paula Deen has expressed deeply, grievously mourning, as did great grandfather, tragic loss of his plantation workers and the land.      Pater committed suicide.

Is she suffering too much? Maybe.

Paula has publicly asked three million plus individuals to forgive her and some of Y’All be ready.

Empathetic Humans are feeling for Paula, decrying her current suffering and profitmaking losses.

Can Black People relate?  Of course.  No problem. 


To The Humble & Forgiving ~

Oh, wait wait, Remember this aha exposed:  President William Jefferson Clinton.


When Bill was caught relishing him some some good under the Oval Office desk sexcapades, he, with Hillary  sitting beside her man, publicly emphatically emphasized, “I did not have sex with that woman!” ~ Some citizenry, waiting and ready, all puffed up, did proudly and pompously proclaim their forgiveness of adulterous President. Bill called upon sexpert Rev. Jesse Jackson, familiar re Politics of sexual dalliances, and his BlackFF Vernon Jordan who pronounced,  “indubtably” the President did not have sex…  The rest is HERstory! And…

I remember as well as I breathe, seeing some Black women on TV talking about they forgive The President.

Were you there?    Were any of you among the waiting, willing to forgive?

He wasn’t married to EVERY body.         Bill was married to Hillary.  Any forgiving, if such, was betwixt and between Billary nem. ~


To The Humble & Forgiving ~

Oh oh oh, wait, wait, another Remembrance:  Whoremonger preacher Jimmy Swaggart.


Some of Y’All too young to remember or would choose to forget the Evangel of illicit sex partaking and participating amongst.    He was caught.    Aha exposed! The casting into hell’s fire and brimstone pastor did cry and wail publicly regarding his sinning.   Jimmy did beseech good and righteous humble folk to forgive his whorish proclivities/activities. And swaggering Jimmy knew there were some humble forgivers awaiting. Yes, yes, the all powerful ready and waiting forgivers, pleased to be called upon for the loosening of another;  forgivers awaiting to release and relieve Jimmy, Bill, Jesse, Eddie, Paula, whomevers, another or nameless others from some vain vile vicious action, deed or, perhaps, racist misspeak.  Forgivers be stooped, bowed on starting lines, chomping at bit, just ready to forgive at drop of a hat, just forgiving all over the place ~    Folk be ready to forgive Humans they don’t een know.                 I think not!  Ain’ nobody got that power.  I don’t care what they say.It is time for the “pleased and proud to be humble and forgiving” African Ascendants to comprehend, realize (that) even JESUS, during his last and final moments of breathing, did not “forgive” his killers.   According to Biblical scripture, words attributed to longsuffering Jesus – He spoke to His murderers as they were determining who would get his robe – “Father, YOU forgive them ’cause they don’t know what they have done.” Or something to that effect. (Luke 23:34) ~ In other words, being the Sun of God and all, well, that was one of those ‘you never should have done it’ moments. The wrongdoers were unaware of the impending wrath. Folk got to pay for their deeds one way, some way, any way, many ways or another and majority times this retribution has zero to do with you (inclusive) or whomever. Humph,  again, many of the so called forgiven just go on about their having just been forgiven business, continuing doing the same old same old – And some do reap bountifully! Until … Aha, exposed! And any individual have a problem with or  don’t like this diatribe,  cry forth,  rend and tear clothing. Now Imo be about My Father’s Bigness! Reverent June Juliet Gatlin approves this Message                             Saturday  29 June 2013  ~ 9:04 PM ~ Tuesday 2 July 2013  ~ 1:40 AM

To The Humble & Forgiving ~


Reap what you sow. What goes around comes around. Do unto another as you would do unto you!  You never should have done it!  Oh, oh, yes, US Supreme Court eradicating Section 5 of Voting Rights Act.      This loss really does not affect Miss Deen’s LineageLegacy. What about YouYours? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright © 2013

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