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Thinking can Complicate or Contribute. *WTF?!
Action BE Required. Necessary. Imperative. 
Example Only: Faith requires Works. Actions. Deeds. Not only “Thinking and/or Thoughts.”
We can “Think” Peace, Meditate on it, Acknowledge, Receive, Become **embodiment of and then Place into Action. Thinking. Living&Loving Peace. Hmm … Yes!
EMBODIMENT. 1. noun. a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling ~
synonyms: personification, incarnation, realization, manifestation, avatar, expression, representation, actualization, symbol, symbolization, materialization, paradigm, epitome, paragon, soul, model, type, essence, quintessence, exemplification, example, exemplar, ideal, reification from ***reify ~ Ooh wee …
REIFY. verb. 1. make (something abstract) more concrete or real ~
Love You as We … PEACE!
Reverent June Juliet Gatlin, Friday 31 March 8:51 AM
(inspired by georgia webb)

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