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Ignorance trumpets, blowing&blaring loudly, sometimes off key especially when The Ignorant has not an inkling they BE ignorant. Sometimes it comes necessary to share Facts&Truth to some and many; however, it is also Imperative to know when to hold onto Your Pearls and not cast costly jewels to the repugnant. ~ You, especially You, BE Knowing. Inspired by: **Nailah Porter. She, while dining, overheard offensive racial discriminHating ignorance being “Trumpeted” loudly; Sister Porter, being One among empowered #fierceandfabublous #blackwomenonfire, restrained Her Divine Self noting **#TimeToGo and **#MyAncestorsTaughtMeHowToExerciseRestraint ~ #thanksandpraise Honor #acknowledgementandappreciation, Beloved, for not wasting #excellenceandexcelling #blackbrilliance ~ Love You as We … <3
Reverent June Juliet Gatlin, Wednesday 7 December 2016 ~ 8:48 AM ~

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