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New Life, New Year – Archive

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Every Breath Is New Life. New Year. New You. Celebrate Your Loving Joyous Life Every Breath. Claim Your Deserved Blessings!

by Reverent June Juliet Gatlin on Tuesday, February 7-29, 2012 at 11:00 AM ~



  • YOU ALL BE: Breathe Eternally inclusive. If Your majestic Name is not listed, are YOU yet breathing? Well, Celebrate every breath!
  • I am posting, sharing My Honor this way so All February Celebrants will receive My good thoughts for Your Loving Lives.
  • I *BE wishing You best for All times, believing You will to ever acknowledge Your worthiness.
  • Your Birth Days *BE every moment You Breathe! ~
  • With honor I rejoice, celebrating with You even when I BE not present. ~

Presenting You with wishes for Happiness even when times are difficult. You Will to make it through toilsome times and days of gladness just because You Live so Enjoy Your BIRTH DAY every breath, Beloved.

Love You as We Love You and this BE some mighty God Love.

To YOU Who BE Celebrating:


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