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As much as Reverent June Juliet Gatlin is at ease with the written and spoken word, she also tells stories through her amazing gift of song. This weaver of words writes songs, poetry, essays, and prose—magnificent overtures of expression—some of which have been performed by Broadway actors.

June Gatlin has performed in churches, concert halls, and auditoriums internationally. She has delivered a command performance for the Governor of Aswan, Egypt; has raised the spirit of her ancestors at the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza in Egypt; and has sung in the hills of Israel.

She lifts the spirits of all who hear her “call” in vocalized sounds without words. Rev. June knows it is the feeling that moves. Her audiences receive the healing power of Spirit. They wait to hear her voice speaking and teaching, singing and praising, presenting words as given by God and the Holy Spirit.

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