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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1)

Reverent June reads humans just as we read books. In her reading of what she calls an individual’s “Chapter from the Book of Life,” Gatlin illustrates the importance of a person’s experiences by communicating all that Spirit reveals to her. As Spirit speaks, she communicates the information she receives to the recipient of the reading to stimulate the person’s mental body, to educate, and to inspire transformation. Reverent June says of the chapters:

“Every word in a sentence is important; every sentence in a paragraph within the overall context and meaning of the information is important. The individuals I work with have word work to do—studying and research—so that they can see how a word’s meaning is interpreted for their continued spiritual evolving and personal growth.”

Her ability to give voice to that which is inherently sensed is phenomenal. June’s work with words is the reason she has been consulted by people from all walks in life, including political and religious leaders, parents and children, students, entertainers, and business executives. She has delivered empowering and prophetic messages to many dignitaries and political and religious leaders who respect the Word of God.


“Words can be used to create as well as to destroy,” says Reverent June. “They can move mountains and build new worlds. I love using words to infuse energy, manifest enthusiasm, elicit confidence, and support healing.”
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