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Reverent June Juliet Gatlin,
Thursday 11 May 2017 ~ 10:37 (11) AM

EXEMPLARY. adjective. 1. serving as a desirable model; representing the best of its kind.
synonyms: perfect, ideal, model, faultless, flawless, impeccable, irreproachable; excellent, outstanding, admirable, commendable, laudable, above/beyond reproach; textbook, consummate, archetypal ~

2. (of a punishment) serving as a warning or deterrent.
synonyms: deterrent, cautionary, warning, admonitory ~


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Thinking can Complicate or Contribute. *WTF?!
Action BE Required. Necessary. Imperative. 
Example Only: Faith requires Works. Actions. Deeds. Not only “Thinking and/or Thoughts.”
We can “Think” Peace, Meditate on it, Acknowledge, Receive, Become **embodiment of and then Place into Action. Thinking. Living&Loving Peace. Hmm … Yes!
EMBODIMENT. 1. noun. a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling ~
synonyms: personification, incarnation, realization, manifestation, avatar, expression, representation, actualization, symbol, symbolization, materialization, paradigm, epitome, paragon, soul, model, type, essence, quintessence, exemplification, example, exemplar, ideal, reification from ***reify ~ Ooh wee …
REIFY. verb. 1. make (something abstract) more concrete or real ~
Love You as We … PEACE!
Reverent June Juliet Gatlin, Friday 31 March 8:51 AM
(inspired by georgia webb)


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Rejoice re The Daily Crumbling.
Cognizant&Conscientious Humans who have, hmm, even a smidgen and/or semblance of IntellectualRational&Spiritual Consciousness (Mental Body Awareness) must not expect greatness nor #gracegratitudeandjoy to come from The White House; after all being said and done …
You cannot prevent the walls from trumpling. Interim, Enjoy the fiddling! And,
Rejoice re The Daily Crumbling.
Love You as We …

Reverent June Juliet Gatlin, Tuesday 7 March 2017 ~ 10:19 AM


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GET OUT!!!!!!! Well, Here She Go. Yep! 
BREATHING WHILE BLACK is not a privilege nor a luxury.
First World Ascendants within this Un-United States KNOW racism PERSONALLY. I really tire, We really tire of having to communicate, discuss, tell&teach, BE upset when hearing and/or being “informed”, “Get over it.” ~ “That was so long ago.” ~ “I didn’t do it.”
We KNOW. However, if I do not, if We do not address this sick shit any and every moment it rises, humph, As I have shared multiple myriad numerous countless trillion hundred twenty seventy eleven thousand times, “Until&Unless You BREATHE within the “for real” darker shades and hues, not temporary sprayed tans, well … Do not offer nor extend vapid, “I understand …” And My words this moment here now in present has zero to do with Black History Month.
BREATHING WHILE BLACK is not a privilege nor a luxury.
This horror and terror BE real.
Example: Talk to some Black Humans who are willing to speak Truth; Listen with Heart&Soul when I, We, They tell/share Blackness experiences and especially when The Hueman BE KNOWLEDGEABLE about the experiences and They have someone within family or friends who Live this TERROR. Believe!
BE WILLING to Listen. Hearing without interjecting, making excuses or attempting and or trying to create Denial. No apologies required. Believe!

BREATHING WHILE BLACK is not a privilege nor a luxury.
I do not want to nor intend to allow any Human to convince My Life (that) evil of racism and racial enmity and racist discriminhating and the instantaneous incrimination of such has ceased to exist. All because of the teachings, IndoctrinHating within This Nation, Other countries yet persists. 
When one group originates belief that another or other groups BE lesser than (minority) regardless and in spite of numbers (Example: apartheid. systematic destruction of Humanity wherever and any places upon Planet Earth, Planet which spins within Universe without Human compulsion or permission) for any inane concept or reason, rage and rampant terror, horrific activities will occur, fermenting, thriving, determined to prevail.
The idealistic delusional concepts creating growing and feeding Racism&Racist works actions deeds and behavior must BE Obliterated.
BREATHING WHILE BLACK is The Divine Aliveness of Most High Breathing Itself Being ALL Life. Love You as We …
Reverent June Juliet Gatlin, Sunday 26 February 2017 ~ 8:17 AM

Rev. June’s 2008 Message Racism Yet Timely

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Beloved Friends&Familial, Please Watch. Like. Share. #acknowledgementandappreciation 💖 💚💜 Love You as We … 💖 💚💜
Reverent June Juliet Gatlin, Saturday 18 February 2017 ~ 10:43 AM

Originally Uploaded on Nov 17, 2008

PART 2: Rev. June Gatlin, Woman of Prophetic Vision, Inspiration & Song, Spiritual Activist/Author, best seller book “Spirit Speaks To Sisters” – interviewed by Janice L. Edwards on Black Renaissance, San Francisco, CA; April 1999 – Reverent tells it like it is re: Spirituality, Faith, Lynchings Honor/Respect for Life and ignorance of racism, “…if bomb drops flesh will melt from all bones…” –
Importance of knowing We can do all things, NO thing is impossible: Only Believe: All Things Are Possible – She participated in Harvey Mason, Denise Williams, Jerry Peters “YES WE CAN” You Tube Music Video tribute honoring HISHEROURstorical First African-American President Barack Hussein Obama. Gatlin prophesied Obama’s Win. Hallelujah!
Every Breath is New Life, New Year, New You. Breathe, Beloved. Breathe! *Don’t believe the hype/BS! *(Public Enemy)


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Ignorance trumpets, blowing&blaring loudly, sometimes off key especially when The Ignorant has not an inkling they BE ignorant. Sometimes it comes necessary to share Facts&Truth to some and many; however, it is also Imperative to know when to hold onto Your Pearls and not cast costly jewels to the repugnant. ~ You, especially You, BE Knowing. Inspired by: **Nailah Porter. She, while dining, overheard offensive racial discriminHating ignorance being “Trumpeted” loudly; Sister Porter, being One among empowered #fierceandfabublous #blackwomenonfire, restrained Her Divine Self noting **#TimeToGo and **#MyAncestorsTaughtMeHowToExerciseRestraint ~ #thanksandpraise Honor #acknowledgementandappreciation, Beloved, for not wasting #excellenceandexcelling #blackbrilliance ~ Love You as We … <3
Reverent June Juliet Gatlin, Wednesday 7 December 2016 ~ 8:48 AM ~


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Rev. June Juliet Gatlin said: August 14, 2011 at 2:34 pm


Rev. June Juliet Gatlin writes to:

Miss Deborah Campise Kunesh and Associates:

Blessings abundantly deserved to you, Families, All whom you honor with love.

Much appreciation for Your (inclusive) extensive worthy work, profoundly dedicated research.

Honorable Michael Joseph Jackson was Prophetically declared “Redeemed” per God Most High and Divine Loving Holy Spirit.

Date of Spiritually ordained Declaration: Friday. May 9, 2008 (Las Vegas, Nevada) ~ He also received Chapter Title From Book Of Life: “THIS IS IT!”

The positive Word works many are contributing to celebrate Truth with Facts do justice to King of Music’s great name and to His majestic Legacy.

Individuals cloaked within enimity,full, flowing forth with contention, greed and hate fullness, such are subject to evil doing, will to stop at no thing to achieve the malevolently malicious goals ~ Evan Chandler, liar, is dead, life allegedly removed by his own hand. This action does not necessarily vindicate nor release him from the terrorism inflicted upon Michael’s honorable Life.

When One is Called and Chosen to do, contribute a Work of Greatness, called, ordained within Mother’s womb, birthed to do as His Supreme Creator defines, It shall be and is already done/fulfilled ~ Matters not the pain, heartache, ridicule, lies, innuendo and heady ungratefulness, One must proceed with rightful duties. And Michael did.

Jesus did. Hon. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did. Hon. Mohandas Ghandi did. Hon. El Hajj Malik El Shabazz did. Joan of Arc, Mother Theresa, many did, have done, must and are willed to do, revealing empowering Presence of Love. Michael shared regarding each Human just named.

And He asked, “June, how do you do it?”

My reply, “We rise to the occasion and We can fall apart later!”

I shared analogy: “The show must go on.” Michael, man whom He is, understood, doesn’t make a thing easier to bear…

I note, sharing the above because I appreciate Miss Deborah Campise Kunesh’s work here…Others have written lies regarding My Life, denigrating what they surmise My time with Saint to be or not be, determining what is, is not, was, has been and just making up messiness without any thought to how I must feel or what it is contributing to My Life. This I do personally know, do comprehend fully, completely and in ways individuals could never imagine = Hurtful words and language yet I also know empowering Presence of Most High and compassionate endurance which helps to move beyond the ignorant and ignorance, individuals pumping selves up at expense and degrading of others, espousing denigrating words, lines, ripping others asunder, all for personal and self aggrandizement. Shameful!

I say, have written regarding these CBAs: Celebrities By Association, none have touched hem of His garment; yet when One comprehends the desperation of some of these demonic hatemongers perhaps pity may emerge for their lost souls.

Michael Joseph Jackson is Saint. His compassion, His altruism. His Loving Life and His Love of ALL Life determines such. And Most High determined His Sainthood without sanction of any Human. And I did declare as directed.

I have not written in depth regarding My precious time with Michael, short the days may be, however, I know what He would ask. He does show up, revealing His loving eternality in most auspicous ways which NO Human can deny, so…

Thanks to some of You (inclusive) who BE: Breathe Eternally dedicated, determined to continue Michael’s God works, sharing the wonder fullness of His remarkably majestic Love.

May You ALL ways, ever breathe blessed, continuing to do for Planet as He in Your own uniquely determined ways.

Hate, negativity, mean vile despicable greed driven denigrating acts of hostility against another Human wills to never accomplish, wills to never result in peace nor joy!

If You can help somebody as You pass along, Your living shall not be in vain.

Wellness, Peace with Pro$perity.

Long Live Michael, King of Pop King of Music Prince of Peace He BE Saint (smile).

Ever Reverent I Breathe Being,

Reverend June Juliet Gatlin

Sunday. August 14, 2011 ~ 12:11 PM

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Published Note via Facebook and To Miss Deborah Campise Kunesh, Creator-Author:

Reflections on the Dance ~ The Truth About Michael Jackson